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I can’t get tired of the sea.


I am Kristina, but I like to be called Kris/Krisy!

For a long time, I was wondering how to describe myself and my goals. I figured that if I want to keep it as short as possible- I’d say that I am a flower child in love with food and science.

A few years ago I made the best decision in my life- to study Clinical dietetics. Combining both nutrition and science (and the fact that I can help people) made me fall in love with my future profession even more.

You will never see me making any blind statements such as “this will cure (whatever health issue you have)” or “just drink this and you’ll be fine”. Nutrition and science are highly nuanced and way more complex than people’s general understanding about food. Everything nutrition-wise is based on many many scientific trials before considering making a recommendation to the general public.

One of my goals as a future clinical practitioner and scientist is to make people trust professionals rather than friends and family when their own health is on the line. Probably everybody has been told by a friend who was told by another friend that “X” worked to heal his/her *health condition* and then probably everybody tried (or considered trying) whatever the magical cure is, because it would not hurt, right?

No. It will probably hurt some day. It may hurt you both financially and physically. It may damage your body. That’s why I am here. I want to tell you to

trust a dietitian;

trust science.

Currently, I am working as an intern for a medical doctor (endocrinologist and dietitian)- Rayna Stoyanova, and I can say that I fall deeply in love with medicine (and science) every single day. We work predominantly with patients with diabetes, eating disorders, metabolic syndrome, thyroid issues and with athletes as well. Additionally, we work in collaboration with Activia to promote balanced lifestyle- nutrition, physical activity, adequate rest.

My dissertation will be based on Oncology Nutrition but my interest include Sports Nutrition and Hormonal Health as well.

I have various qualifications in the field of nutrition:
•Shared recipe in GroovyFood company
•Shared recipe in a Bulgarian magazine
•Published book with creative writing
•Published eBook for COVid-19 nutrition
•Food Standards Scotland Certificate
•CPD accredited Fitness Certificate
•Hand Hygiene Certificate (TURAS)
•Sports & Nutrition CPD module (BDA & SENr)
•”A sweet solution” Course (BNF)
•”A matter of fat” Course (BNF)

I also enjoy cooking, so you will find many many recipes in here that I hope you’d enjoy.

And I adore this little baby. Meet Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell.

As I Said- Flower Child

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