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Eating during transitioning seasons- how to overcome spring fatigue and strengthen our immune system?

When transitioning through summer and winter- our immune system is usually weakened, and our body finds it harder to meet the challenges of the new season. The sharp changes in the weather that we all experience further stresses our bodies. Apart from feeling more and more exhausted, tired and sluggish, we are more likely to get a cold, flu or parainfluenza than at any other time of the year. Therefore, it is vital to take care of ourselves and strengthen our immunity during spring/autumn. … Continue readingEating during transitioning seasons- how to overcome spring fatigue and strengthen our immune system?

A nice twist to your usual cereal go-to snack with walnut tahini, sweet honey flavour and a lot of chocolate on top!
You will also find why is the important to have snacks available! Click to read. … Continue readingWalnut tahini spelt crispy treats

These Protein Tahini balls are packed with a balance of fibre, protein and carbs to keep you feeling full, satisfied and energised. They are the perfect snack when you want to grab something quick before/after a workout, or when that mid-morning/afternoon slump hits. … Continue readingProtein Tahini Balls

This recipe is only a starting point. It consists of things I had in my kitchen, so don’t feel pressured to buy anything. I encourage you to play around with the ingredients and make your own granola recipe. Customize it according to your own taste preference. This way you’ll LOVE IT. … Continue readingGranola Recipe with cashew tahini

This carrot cake is full of flavour, super moist, juicy and fluffy. Not to mention that it is balanced (in terms of macronutrients) as well. You can make this cake without too much effort or equipment. You’ll only need some motivation and love to put in the process. I hope enjoy baking and eating this deliciousness. … Continue readingJuicy carrot cake

These savoury buns will disappear in seconds! They are quick and easy to make and can be a perfect addition to you meal. Click to find out the recipes and the health benefits of the ingredients. … Continue readingFlourless savoury buns

Food is a big part of our health- both psychological and physical. So, a wide range of nutrient-dense foods should be included to supply the body with what it needs. This cheesecake actually contains a significant amount of protein, especially compared to other desserts. A piece of this one provides approximately 30g of protein. … Continue readingRaw two-colour cheesecake

Everyone is different. Everyone has different dietary needs, desires and preferences. Thus, putting a label on food (good/bad/healthy/unhealthy/clean/dirty) is just oversimplifying the science of nutrition and it does not address the complexity of people’s relationship with food. … Continue readingBlondie with tahini and chickpeas

Why our wellbeing is determined by the health of our intestines?

It is not even slightly exaggerated that our wellbeing depends on our gastrointestinal health. Our microbiome (or genome of the intestinal flora) is a relatively new field in medicine, and it has been expanding in the last few years. Many scientists are more and more interested in conducting research on how our intestines relate to our well-being. They have found that the microbiome consists of 3,3 million bacteria, whereas the human genome has only 20-25 thousand genes and the health of the microbiome is essential for immunity. … Continue readingWhy our wellbeing is determined by the health of our intestines?

Have you ever been left with one really black banana that you’re disguised to even touch? But it keeps staying in the bowl of fruits until you decide it’s time to let it go. I don’t like wasting food, and bananas are especially good when it comes to baking and cooking, so don’t throw them away- just be creative. Why waste something that can be put into good use?? … Continue readingDon’t-waste-anything Coconut Banana Bites

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