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“Plan it out” | EmpowerMe x Kristina Vavura


Created by a student clinical dietitian- Kristina Vavura, in collaboration with EmpowerMe.

Plan it out would be the perfect guide and friend to help you achieve and maintain a balanced, healthy and active lifestyle.


“Plan it out” is your personal guide through the world of physical activity, sports and overall healthy lifestyle. It will help you achieve your goals with ease, to structure achievable and realistic  plans  and  to monitor you progress on a weekly basis. Moreover, you will be able to see the most motivating part of it all- your change.

When the end point is determined and an accurate record of your progress is made, you will be able to see improvement and you will be even more motivated to continue striving to reach  your desired destination.

In this planner, you will find many useful and practical tips and you will be able to not only monitor your wellbeing-lifestyle but your work/uni schedule as well as your budget. Plan it Out can be your best friend that will support you and motivate you while you improve yourself and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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